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DESIGN CONSULTATION The first step in the process is an in-depth discussion regarding your design needs. This is where the goals for the project and preliminary budgeting are discussed. Depending on your needs, a phased approach can be suggested. The desired outcome is to help you understand each step in the process.
SPACE PLANNING The essence of any well-planned space is how successfully we move through it, yet most people do not understand the time it takes to make a comfortable environment. This work is primarily completed behind the scenes, where the goals from the first step are translated into a variety of options. In this way, you will start to see how your ideas will be turned into a realistic space.
COLORS & FURNISHING This final step is weaved throughout the first two steps as a "teaser" of furnishing and color ideas for the final designed space. Using your own inspirational images, objects, and personal history, the details of the space are developed. Whether you are starting from scratch, looking to edit your existing space, or need a few key pieces to round out your current environment, this stage is a dynamic interaction between designer and client, where ideas are shared until the right kit of parts is determined.
  THROUGHOUT EACH PHASE, the client is kept apprised of the progress and what the next steps entail. A close collaboration helps the client understand all of the intricacies in designing their space.